If your diamond and gold orders are not specially designed, they will be sent by international cargo within 2 days. Special orders take between 7 and 10 days to prepare.

Returns Information

Virtual Store Return & Exchange Conditions
The following conditions apply only to the Cey Diamond Virtual Store:
When you pick up the jewelery, you will see that the jewels offered for sale in the Virtual Shop are much more beautiful than their photos. It is our basic principle to be happy as a result of your shopping.
However, you can return your jewelery purchased from the Virtual Store within 14 days from the date of delivery in accordance with the distance sales contract and receive the full amount you paid. Having inscribed on the ring does not prevent the return (excluding wedding rings with inscriptions on the inside of the ring).
In order to use this right, the withdrawal decision must be notified to within this 14-day period.
You can use the contact form for notification.
In case you make the return without approval from, your return will not be accepted and your shipment will not be received.
The consumer cannot use his / her right of withdrawal for the jewelery produced in accordance with the very special requests and demands of the consumer and made personalized by making changes or additions in the color or setting of the metal.
At the request of the BUYER, when the production is made in a color different from the metal color offered on the website, or in special orders placed other than the ring size range, necklace and bracelet length offered on the website, wedding wedding rings written in the inscription, or the product ordered to the BUYER. After the delivery, when transactions such as ring size, necklace, bracelet size and model are made in line with the BUYER’s request, these goods, which are specially produced in line with the customer’s special requests, are included in the scope of products that the right of withdrawal cannot be used.
The orders you want to return must be sent to the address we will notify you, complete with jewelery, invoice, delivery note, certificate and gift products, if any. The VAT and other legal obligations, if any, of the products whose original invoices are not sent will not be refunded.
In the invoices issued on behalf of your company, you must send the jewelery together with the return invoice issued by your company. Order returns, the invoice of which is issued on behalf of your company, will not be completed unless the return invoice is issued.
The responsibility during the arrival of the package to the specified return address belongs to the consumer.
After the return is received, the price of the products is returned to the credit card within 14 days, if the order is placed using a credit card, or to the bank account if it is given by money order / EFT.
The product to be returned must comply with the terms of “Right of Withdrawal” in Article 9 of the “Distance Sales Contract” and “Products whose Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Used” in Article 15.
You can change the jewelery you have purchased from the online store in our stores if it meets the above conditions.

Return & Exchange Conditions in Our Stores

The following conditions apply to Cey Diamond Stores only:

All our return and exchange procedures in our stores were prepared by examining 6502 the law on consumer protection, and all the rights of our customers within this framework were carefully observed. All products purchased from our stores can be changed within 14 days from the date of sale, under the conditions written below, if it is detected that they are not used.

The first step you need to take to take advantage of the right to change without loss; With all the documents given to you at the time of purchase, within 14 days, visiting any Cey Diamond Store and having our Jewelry Consultants check whether your jewelry is available for change.

If you wish, you may not buy a jewelry instantly in return for your jewelry to be exchanged, and you or your loved ones can make your shopping later thanks to the Gift Card given to you by our store.

If the amount of jewelry you will buy by exchanging is below the amount of jewelry you will give back, our store will help you by arranging a Gift Card for the difference.

After 14 days; You can take advantage of exchange with a gem worth twice as much. In this case, no usage fee will be deducted for the first jewelery you buy.

The jewelery you have purchased is under a lifetime maintenance guarantee. The free maintenance opportunity once every six months is an application only for Cey Diamond guests.

In the accessories group; Within 14 days, our guests can make changes without any loss. No return or exchange is possible after 14 days.

Regardless of the brand, you can buy your unused jewelry at the best price with Cey Diamond jewelery.
you can change.

We would like you to know that all of our products in the category of products (gold, silver, etc.) whose prices are determined in the stock market or other organized markets are excluded from the scope of lossless refunds under the law.